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Orlando Antonio Sabogal Cardona

Name: Orlando Antonio Sabogal Cardona
Nationality: Colombian
Thesis: Cycling for social capital
Key Topics: Accessibility, Cycling, Equity, Social Capital, Well-being.


I am an engineer with expertise in studying urban and transportation issues. As part of my previous jobs I have developed skills in programming (R user) to conduct data analysis, statistical models, geographic computation tasks, visualization, map-making, and in general, to make sense of data. My work has two distinguishing features: a theoretical driven approach to analyse data (understand what I am statically modelling) and a strong geographical component. I am and advocate of R, open data, and reproducible research. 

My doctoral research lives at the intersection of “cycling” and the sociological concept of “social capital”. I expect to shed light on what social capital means and implies for transportation and public policy development, as well as to establish mechanisms to increase the positive effects of social capital and reduce negative externalities by the fostering of cycling. Ultimately, I expect to bring in new arguments and lens to the sustainable mobility agenda and to the social-transport related debates. 

Beyond my PhD thesis I have the following complementary research interests: 1) ride-hailing, mobility as a service MaaS, micromobility, and emerging transport alternatives; 2) accessibility, transport equity and well-being; 3) Walkability and sustainable transport; 4) R programming language with a focus on applications; 5) Structural Equation Models SEM applications. 

Primary supervisor: Julio Dávila
Secondary Supervisor: Daniel Oviedo-Hernández

Web profiles: https://orlando-sabogal.github.io/