The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Khalid Ahmed


Nationality: Sudanese 
Thesis: “Make Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable: Challenges and Opportunities in Sudan” 
Key Topics: Floods Disaster, Resiliency, Sustainable Urban/Regional Development 

Coming from professional background, I am a critical researcher and solution-oriented PhD candidate researching the interactions and dynamics of the human settlements in the global south during the flood event and questioning its multidimensional causes in connection to the roles of the community and state actors. My research work will provide analysis, introduce framework and add to the body of knowledge in ways that can help achieving resiliency and develop the built environment sustainably. The focus of the research targets falls inline with the SDG11 targets to reduce the losses in lives and assets due to flood disaster and to increase the number of cities and human settlements adopting and implementing integrated policies and plans towards resilience to disasters.

I graduated from the University of Khartoum with Bachelor of Science in Architecture (2001) and Master of Environmental Science (2005). Such combination of architecture and environmental science was aiming to gain the necessary environmental knowledge that required for developing sustainable and resilient built environment. 

During the last two decades, I have been extensively engaged in international developmental programs covering a wide range of social and economic infrastructure in the urban and regional context. My analytical research skills and knowledge capturing capacity has been growing over the years, which resulted in strong passion and ambitious to engage in a systematic research environment that can facilitate the conversion of this practical knowledge into research products to benefit the research, practice and policy making. 

My research interest has always been influenced by the multidisciplinary issues and interrelated sectors that I have been working through including Urban and Regional Development, Sustainable Infrastructure, Infrastructure Finance, Environmental & Social Impact Assessment, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.

I like to read and learn from history to benefit our present and future. I also entertain participating in policy and development debates.