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Isabel M. Brain

isabel brain

I’m an urban sociologist. I hold an MPA from Harvard (2013), a Master in Philosophy from Universidad de Chile (2011) and a BA in Sociology from Universidad Católica de Chile (2001).

For the last 5 years, I’ve worked as independent consultant/advisor/researcher for international agencies such as the Global Development Network (GDN), the IADB, UN-ECLAC, the World Bank, UN-Habitat and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Since 2010, I'm a member of the Latin-American Research and Lecturer Staff of Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

I co-founded and directed ProUrbana Program from Universidad Católica de Chile (2004-2012) and before that, I also co-founded and directed the Social Research Center (CIS) of TECHO Foundation (2002-2004).

I’ve always worked in the urban policy research field mainly focusing on the analysis of the relationship between the land market, housing policies and social urban segregation. Other areas of expertise that've gained throughout my career are: citizens participation, land-readjustment implemented for post-disaster recovery and PPP for urban redevelopment. Most recently my research work (funded by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) has focused on the geography of opportunity and inclusionary housing and its impact on people’s life chances.

My PhD research focuses on the academic discussion around urban regeneration and repopulation of inner city’ areas, taking the city of Santiago de Chile as a case study. I will reflect on the nuances of these processes in the developing world by exploring other possible entries to the understanding of these urban changes that somehow depart from the strong connection marked in the literature between regeneration and gentrification.


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Book chapter

Brain, I. (2016). Santiago’s Repopulation Program: A Successful Strategy for Regenerating a Shrinking City. In O. W. Ameritahmasebi, Regeneratin Urban Land: A practitioner's guide to leveraging private investment (pp. 181-218). Washington, USA: The World Bank. (Language: English)

Blog posts

Katz, B. and Brain, I. Devolution in Chile (2017) https://www.brookings.edu/blog/metropolitan-revolution/2017/04/05/devolution-in-chile-whatever-competencies-cities-need-they-likely-have/

Brain, I. Vertical ghettos and stigmatization (2017) http://www.latercera.com/voces/guetos-verticales-estigmatizacion/ (In Spanish)

Brain, I. and Katz, B. Devolution in Chile: reversing the reasoning to move forward (2017) http://www.latercera.com/voces/descentralizacion-chile-invertir-razonamiento-avanzar/