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Maria Khristine Alvarez
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Carmen Abouamra

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Victoria Austin
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Alban Hasson
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Blanca Larrain
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Hannah Sender

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Isabel M Brain
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Kerry Bobbins
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Lucila Carbonell
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Huang-Wei (Korys) Chang
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Amina-Bahja Ekman
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Vanessa Galeano–Duque
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Harshavardhan Jatkar
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Ariana Markowitz
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Kambaiz Rafi
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Donald Brown
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Vicente Burgos Salas
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Luisa Carrera Izurieta
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Bruno Chichizola Ramirez
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Maria Evangelina Filippi
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Fanny Fröhlich
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Hatice Ikizler Fearnley
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Ricardo Marten Caceres
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Asimina Paraskevopoulou
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Veronica Saud Casanova
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Modesta Tochi Alozie
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Nick Anim

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Monica Bernal Llanos
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Giovana Helena de Miranda Monteiro
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Di Jiang
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Rachel Valbrun
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Kisnaphol Wattanawanyoo
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Jamal Abiola Akinade
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Andrew Hilton
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Ana Maria Huaita Alfaro
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Maryam Lawal
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Cristian Olmos Herrera
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Francisco Vergara Perucich
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Julia Wesely
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Nicola Antaki
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Saranel Benjamin
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Camila Cocina
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Mpigi Gbenekanu
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Deena Khalil
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Nikhilesh Sinha
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Thomas Aston
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Sigi Atteneder
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Raphaëlle Bisiaux
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Sneha Krishnan
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Seidawan Molana/Hosseini
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Daniel Oviedo Hernandez
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Soozin Ryang
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Vicente Andres Sandoval
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Martin Sanzana Calvet
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Giorgio Talocci
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Linda Westman
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Fatemeh Arefian
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Piyapong Bossabong
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Soo Jin Kim
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Bianca Maria Nardella
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Tatiana Ome
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Pavlos Troulis
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Musleh Uddin Hasan
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Alix Valenti
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Rosalina Babourkova
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Hector Becerril Miranda
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Chloë Fèvre
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Elizabeth Rapoport
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Karol Yanez
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Dafeng Xu
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Lila Oriard Colin
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Piyapong Bossabong was awarded Doctor of Philosophy on 10 December 2014. His thesis is entitled 'Governing the policy network on urban agriculture in Bangkok: The role of social capital in handling cooperation and conflicts.'

Soo Jin Kim was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Development Planning on 26 September 2014. Her thesis is entitled 'Exploring the ambiguity of community in disaster risk reduction: a case study of Metro Manila.'

Hector Becerril Miranda was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Development Planning on 23 September 2014. His thesis is entitled 'Slum upgrading role for housing policy and governance [trans]formation[s]. From Favela-Barrio to Morar Carioca, investigating the case of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.'

Dafeng Xu was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Development Planning on 19 September 2014. His thesis is entitled 'Financial statism as an alternative interventionist approach in developing international financial centres (IFCs): the case of Shanghai since the 1990s.'


Julia Wesely was one of the winners in the UCL Doctoral Training Centre poster competition for her entry "We Built This City on Rock and Roll" on Building people´s coping capacities, rocking disaster risk management and rolling small-scale landslides in the cities of Manizales and Villamaria, Colombia.

Cristian Olmos Herrera has received a prize in appreciation of his work on indigenous communities in the Atacama Desert, Chile. The award was made by the Faculty of Architecture of the Istanbul Technical University, Turkey for his paper on “Re-assessing vernacular architecture: theories and practices traditions, identities and globalization” presented at the 7th International Seminar on Vernacular Settlements (ISVS-7).

Tatiana Ome's doctoral research has been recognised by the Antropología Visible initiative of the University of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. The objective of this call is to make visible different groundbreaking contributions undertaking by both young and senior anthropologists and archaeologists that push forward the boundaries of the discipline through transformative ethnographic and archaeological work. The award recognizes in particular the work she undertook through a participatory mapping process.

Monica Bernal Llanos has been awarded the DPU 60th Anniversary PhD scholarship. Her research topic is on linking Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation through their mainstreaming into development planning in Colombia.