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Urban Health Justice NOW - MSc Health in Urban Development scholarship now open for applications

2 May 2020

The current global concern about the COVID-19 crisis highlights the necessity to develop action, intervention, research and teaching in urban health. We are now accepting applications to our MSc Health in Urban Development scholarship


As we are witnessing, the pandemic is praying on pre-existing health disparities in the global South and North, especially in low-income and informal settings. What is clearly illustrated is the fundamental role of urban space, infrastructure, planning and policy, in shaping health inequities in our cities, neighbourhoods and homes. The lack of just planning expressed in the provision of infrastructure (water and sanitation for example), in the deficiency of housing, and in the privatisation of health services renders the most vulnerable urban populations at higher risk.

This is the time to think about urban health justice as a proactive and trans-disciplinary field, seeking to contribute to the wellbeing of urban populations.


At the MSc Health in Urban Development, we are committed to producing theoretical and practical knowledge on the interrelationships between formal and informal urban contexts, health disparities, social justice and urban development planning in the global South. In doing so, our programme provides the necessary academic and professional skills to engage in the field of urban health, focusing on:

  • The effect of urbanisation processes on intra-urban disparities in physical and mental health
  • The important role that development planning and public health play in the health of urban dwellers
  • The interaction between specific aspects of city life, such as housing, transportation, food, infrastructure and productive processes, and their impacts on health depending on gender and socio-economic status
  • The evaluation and design of intervention strategies aiming at fostering healthy urban communities, from the international to the urban scale


This programme is aimed at current or aspiring urban practitioners seeking to promote human-centred solutions to urban health inequities in the global South. We welcome applicants from a variety of backgrounds so as to foster a trans-disciplinary learning environment in which different analytical perspectives are explored.


For more details see our webpage and apply to HUD SCHOLARSHIP (Deadline extended).