The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Launch of new edition of our succesful MOOC on development and planning in African Cities

18 May 2020

Along with Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre and Njala University, we are excited to be launching a new edition of our highly successful free online course (MOOC) on Development and Planning in African Cities.

freetown SLURC event

The 4-week course will start on June 22, is open to all and free of charge, and involves about 3 hours of study time per week.

You can register for it, find the course trailer and get more information on the Future Learn platform which hosts the course: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/african-cities

The online course will explore African cities through the lenses of spatial justice and social diversity, challenging myths and assumptions about urban development and demonstrating how different processes interact and shape the development of a city, using the case study of Freetown.

It covers the following themes: urban land, informalities, governance, participatory planning, urban risk, vulnerabilities & infrastructure.

The course will allow participants to directly interact with many urban professionals, civil servants, and civil society leaders from across Africa and the world.

The course was developed by the lead educators Andrea Rigon and Joseph Macarthy and produced with the support of Alexander Stone and Joanna Stroud. The course includes contributions from some of the best scholars in the field as well as the residents of Freetown. The course follows a face-to-face executive programme with the same contents delivered to Sierra Leone civil servants, academics, civil society leaders and urban professionals.

This course is also the basis for a more ambitious project of opening an MSc in Development and Planning in Africa Cities ran by the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre at Njala University, with the support of the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, which we aim to launch in 2021.

We would be grateful if you could share this information and spread the word about the online course so as many people as possible can benefit from it!