The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Applications open for Action-Research Internship with MSc Environment and Sustainable Development

5 February 2020

The MSc Programme ‘Environment and Sustainable Development’ (ESD) of the DPU is developing research projects that explore the transformative potential of strategic pathways to disrupt risk accumulation in the context of Freetown.


The strategic pathways considered are: 

1. Food security through urban agriculture 
2. Land and shelter tenure security 
3. Decentralised water and sanitation (WASAN) infrastructure and services 
4. Sustainable and equitable energy transitioning 
5. Enhanced mobility 
6. Integrated solid waste management

Working together with local partners, the research in each of these strategic pathways will contribute to a better understanding of processes of urbanization and socio-environmental change in Freetown as well as develop strategies. The internship aims to facilitate capacity building of local professionals and knowledge exchange with students from around the world, who participate in this Master of Science at the DPU, UCL. Interns will provide a crucial link between MSc students and the local communities and organisations in Freetown that are relevant to the 6 strategic pathways.This work follows two years of previous research undertaken by the  MSc DPU/SLURC Learning Alliance. Some of the outputs in the form of videos and policy briefs can be accessed at: https://vimeo.com/342726040 

SLURC is looking to select a number of interns who will have to be reliable, punctual, with good interpersonal skills and available for a minimum of seven working days during the period of 30 April to 13 May 2020 (inclusive). Candidates who complete the internship will receive a certificate issued by the DPU (UCL) which confirms their participation in the project, as well as reimbursements for transport and food during fieldwork days.

More information about the internship and applicant requirements is available here.

The deadline for applications is 21 February and successful candidates will be informed by 28 February 2020.

If you have any queries, please contact Braima Koroma (Director of Research and Training) at bkoroma@slurc.org or Andrea Klingel (Director of Operations) at aklingel@slurc.org  or call 079 995 463.

Interested? Apply here (link)