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Juliano Cavalli de Meira

Juliano Cavalli de Meira

Nationality: Brazilian-Italian (Double nationality)
Thesis: Inclusive, ecological, and circular city-regions through tourism in the Yucatán peninsula, México.
Key Topics: circular economies, economic sociology, regenerative agriculture, regional economic development, tourism development.

I am a well-critical political scientist who graduated in Political Sciences from the University of Amsterdam in 2020 and with an MSc in Urban Economic Development at UCL in 2021. During my academic career, I dug into the socio and economic aspects of development that matter the most for those living in the global south.

My research builds from the critical perspectives into education, "development", and the economy. My aims as a researcher and PhD candidate are rooted in Paulo Freire's action, dialogue and reflection, aiming to expand and liberate less privileged citizens. My research's economic pillar goes hand in hand with Escobar's ideal for emancipation. My focus is to portray strategies for "degrowth" and even alternatives TO development as a reality for the economies of local and regional areas.

My professional expertise permitted me to transit between academia and the private sector. Previously, I worked for the Atlassian Foundation to help them develop education programmes for local communities in Europe. While in academia, I assisted in several research projects on the economic development of local and regional areas in Europe and Mexico. Currently, I work as a teaching assistant at the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources.

I enjoy being outside and in touch with nature in my spare time. I am a passionate hiker that often persuades friends and family to engage on a 10k walk.

Primary supervisor: Julio Davila
Secondary Supervisor: Naji Makarem

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I am the current president of the Association of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers in the United Kingdom (ABEP) for the 2022-2023 board. Apart of English I am fluent in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.