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DPU Dialogues in Development

31 December 2025, 2:30 pm–3:30 pm

Dialogues in Development

The DPU's Dialogues in Development lecture series

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Alexander Macfarlane


The DPU hosts a lecture series titled Dialogues in Development in which a diverse range of speakers working in the field of urban development are invited to share and discuss their work.

Dialogues in Development events range from panel discussions, individual talks, book launches and film screenings amongst other event types. 

Please keep an eye on the events page for details of upcoming and past events. In the meantime you can view or listen to video recordings and podcasts of previous events below.

A full list of upcoming events can be found here.


Towards an Inclusive Social Protection Among Pastoralist Communities in the Horn of Africa

Zeremariam Fre, Bereket Tsegay, Agenla Raven-Roberts, John Wibberley, chaired by Dr Lulsegged Abebe
6 Dec 2023

theoriSE: debating the southeastern turn in urban theories

Oren Yiftachel, Faranak Miraftab and Catalina Ortiz, chaired by Chandrima Mukhopadhyay
29 Nov 2023

Social Housing in the 2020s: Delivery and Management Models for a Just City

Raquel Rolnik and Massimo Bricocoli, moderated by Alan Gilbery
20 Sept 2023


Commoning amidst Disasters and Dysfunctional States: Actors and Governance of the Urban Recovery of Beirut

Mona Harb
16 Jun 2023

Architecture of the Territory: Constructing National Narratives in the Arab World

Hosted by Hanadi Samhan
8 Jun 2023

State-sponsored Violence and Development: Ethiopia, Palestine and Ukraine

Hosted by Michael Walls
6 Jun 2023

Compressed Natural Gas Buses in India: Seeing through the Air Pollution Lens, Darkly

Madhav Badami, chaired by Julio D. Dávila (DPU)
1 Jun 2023

Governmentality and urbanism: Reflections on five decades of change in China

Prof. Le-Yin Zhang (DPU) and Prof. Fulong Wu (Bartlett School of Planning), chaired by Prof. Julio D. Dávila (DPU)
7 Mar 2023

Designing child-friendly cities: play spaces outside playgrounds

Dr Andrea Rigon
8 Feb 2023

Perpetual Emergency: A Personal Journey of Climate Change, Conflict and Famine in Somalia

Dr Emmanuel Osuteye and Nuradin Aden Dirie
2 Feb 2023

Artefacts of Resistance: Creating Archives of Transnational Protest Movements

Dr Raktim Ray
20 Jan 2023

East Jerusalem intensified planning during Pandemic

Rami Nasrallah
9 Nov 2022

Book introduction of Patriarchal Hierarchy; Market Capitalism and Production in Afghanistan

Kambaiz Rafi
8 Nov 2022

Book launch of 'Cities for Human Development: A Capability Approach to City-Making'

Alexandre Apsan Frediani
21 Oct 2022

DPU Book launch - The Value of a Whale On the Illusions of Green Capitalism'

Adrienne Buller
5 Oct 2022


DPU Book launch - Somewhere to Live: Rising to the global urban land and housing challenge

Geoffrey Payne
30 May 2022

Planning for equitable futures

Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme
14 March 2022

Book launch - Youthquake: Why African Demography Matters

Edward Paice
3 March 2022

Researching development planning during pandemics: ethics, methods and impacts

Hosted by Camillo Boano
26 Jan 2022

Co-designing built interventions with children affected by displacement

Hosted by Andrea Rigon
2 Dec 2021

Amidst the Debris: Humanitarianism and the End of Liberal Order

Hosted by Haim Yacobi
7 Oct 2021


Amidst the Debris: Humanitarianism and the End of Liberal Order

Hosted by Juliano Fiori
14 July 2021

Overlooked cities: Shifting the gaze in environmental justice debate

Hosted by Cassidy Johnson
17 June 2021

Book launch of Inclusive Urban Development in the Global South

Hosted by Michael Walls
10 June 2021

De-Planning Cyprus: A Socio-Ecological Vision

Hossein Sadri
29 April 2021

Trajectories of spatial violence in Southeast Asian cities. Report launch

Hosted by Catalina Ortiz
9 Mar 2021

Teaching southern architecture and urbanism within a changing western higher education context

Ola Uduku
4 Feb 2021

Debating resilience: complexity, contradictions and optimism

Hosted by Prof Cassidy Johnson and Dr Julia Wesely
18 Jan 2021

Decalogue for Participatory Slum Upgrading in pandemic times

Hosted by Dr Catalina Ortiz
10 Dec 2020

City Unfinished: Lima and reflexions on longitudinal film

Hosted by Dr Rita Lambert
2 Dec 2020

Integrated studies on the emergence of zoonoses in urban settings

Hosted by Prof Haim Yacobi
12 Nov 2020

Healing and rebuilding Beirut: Lessons from a city demanding political and social change

Hosted by Prof Hai Yacobi
15 Oct 2020


Climate change and urban deltas: Design research for adaptive strategies across scales

Kelly Shannon
13 Feb 2020

From DPU to Local Government: Inclusive economic development in theory and in Islington

Cllr Asima Shaikh
16 Jan 2020

The urban challenges of implementing SDGs in the social uprising in Latin America

Mr. Elkin Velasquez Monsalve
10 Dec 2019

Urban transformations, transport and health: The case of Transmicable in Bogotá

Dr Luis Angel Guzman
20 Nov 2019

Social and Spatial Justice: The Home as a Contact Zone in Israel - Palestine

Professor Tovi Fenster
16 Oct 2019


Displaceability – the new foundation of urban citizenship?

Oren Yifachel
23 May 2019

Climate change and urban planning in the Caribbean: Planning for sustainability

Arturo Samper
28 February 2019

Lives through an extending urbanism

Professor AbdouMaliq Simone
30 January 2019

State-building in Somalia: federalism, security and development

Nuradin Dirie
15 January 2019

Walkable Santiago? Challenges for inclusive neighbourhoods in the XXI Century

Dr. M. Geraldine Herrmann-Lunecke and Dr. Jorge Inzulza-Contardo
8 November 2018

Post-War Syria: Reconstruction, Politics, and Justice

Michael Walls, Sawsan Abou Zainedin and Ibrahim Olabi
8 November 2018

Brazil on fire? Protests, crisis and confrontations

Jean Tible and Alexandre Apsan Frediani
2 November 2018

Accessing justice and addressing urban inequalities through community paralegal services in Nigeria

Andrew Maki
4 October 2018


Socio-spatial processes in Mexico City. Academic views and citizen perceptions

Effi Bournazou
24 May 2018

Partnering higher education institutions for social and environmental justice in the Global South

Dr Joseph Macarthy, Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC)Dr Andrea Rigon (DPU)
14 November 2017

Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability

Dr. Eyal Weizman

13 November 2017

India: the urban transition – a case study of development urbanism

Henrik Valeur
12 October 2017


Urban Futures and Climate Change in India: impacts and implications

Aromar Revi
24 May 2017

Towards an autonomy of housing

Dr Kathrin Golda-Pongratz, John F.C. Turner
21 February 2017

The SDGs: a tool for peacebuilding in Colombia

Felipe Castro
7th February 2017

The Holy City of Makkah. Growth, Informal Areas and Urban Identity

Dr Muhammad Kadhim
1 December 2016

Informal Institutions Shaping Refugee's Cities. Lessons From Lebanon

Dr. Nasser Yassin
28 November 2016

The 'New Urban Agenda' and the potential for change

Dr. Barbara Lipietz, Prof. David Satterthwaite, Dr. Le-Yin Zhang and Prof. Adriana Allen
22 September 2016


Reducing relocation risk: Emerging issues

Yves Cabannes, Arabella Fraser, Colin Marx, Julian Walker, Emily Wilkinson
August 2016

The story of the Urban Resource Centre, Karachi

Arif Hasan
March 2016

Nature in the city: Bengaluru in the past, present, and future

Harini Nagendra
March 2016

Medellin: An urban citizen project

Jorge Perez
February 2016

Urban development in Sierra Leone

Dr. Alexandre Apsan Frediani and Dr. Joseph Macarthy
February 2016


Contested urbanism - learning from London, Stokholm and Jerusalem

Dr. Jonathan Rokem
June 2015

Pro-poor city-wide sanitation: Reflections from Dar es Salaam

Mwanakombo M. Mkanga, Husna Seif Shechonge, Ruth McLeod, Pascale Hofmann
March 2015

A Somali nation-state: History, culture and Somaliland's political transition

Dr. Michael Walls
February 2015

HIV/AIDS in informal settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa: Views from practice

Caroline Kabiru, Heriana Mwakipunda, Mirjam van Donk
January 2015