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Book launch of 'Cities for Human Development: A Capability Approach to City-Making'

21 October 2022, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

Cities for Human Development front cover

Join us for the launch and discussion of Cities for Human Development: A Capability Approach to City-Making, by Alexandre Apsan Frediani, principal researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development.

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Alexandre Apsan Frediani


Room 403, Senate House
Malet Street


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The book applies Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach to the debates on urban development: What if we understand cities not as engines of growth, but of human development? What if we see cities not for what they are, but what they do to people and nature? And what role can design and planning play in creating cities that promote human development?

The book addresses these questions by drawing on various action learning and research experiences that Frediani engaged with while being a lecturer at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit.

After a brief introduction of the key arguments and contributions of the book, Prof Caren Levy and Prof Adriana Allen will reflect about how this publication relates to on-going debates about the role of planning practice in bringing about urban transformations.


Michael Walls


Alexandre Apsan Frediani - IIED
Caren Levy - DPU
Adriana Allen - DPU

This event will be followed by a 2-day seminars, led by Architecture Sans Frontiéres-UK entitled Challenging Practice, exploring how community-led design and planning can promote human development. The seminar is being run in partnership with the DPU and IIED, and it will be focused on the methodological implications of Frediani’s book to the practice of planning and design. For more information about the seminar, click here: https://www.asf-uk.org/articles/challenging-practice-stage-a-seminar-october-2022-

The book can be purchased from Practical Action Publishing here.