The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Co-Learning for Action To Transform Freetown

15 October 2021, 3:00 pm–5:00 pm


Closing reflections and celebration of 4 years ESD MSc learning alliance

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Prof Adriana Allen


Virtual event

2:00-4:00pm (SL)/3:00-5:00pm (UK)

You are warmly invited to the closing event of the 4 years of the Learning Alliance between the MSc Programme in Environmental and Sustainable Development (ESD) of the DPU (University College London) and the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre. 

The event celebrates and reflects on the research conducted by the ESD students together with local interns and SLURC staff, in collaboration with the Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor (FEDURP), various partners and communities in Freetown.

The aim of the Learning Alliance was to co-produce actionable knowledge to support transformative actions towards a socially and environmentally just Freetown. In the final year 2021, it focused on offering fresh insights into Freetown pathways towards socio-environmental justice, positioning the city in a comparative and dialogical perspective in Africa and beyond and paving the road for future exchanges and work. The outputs produced from 2018-2021 will be displayed and discussed at the event.

During this hybrid event, we will hear from various stakeholders in Freetown about the legacy of the research and alliance as well as reflect on the learning trajectories of those involved.