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The DPU Health in Urban Development Scholarship

As we are witnessing, the pandemic is preying on pre-existing health disparities in the global South and North, especially in low-income and informal urban settings. What is clearly illustrated is the fundamental role of urban space, infrastructure, planning and policy, in shaping health inequities in our cities, neighbourhoods and homes. The lack of just planning expressed in the provision of infrastructure in the deficiency of housing, and in the privatisation of health services renders the most vulnerable urban populations at higher risk.

It is our mission at the Health in Urban Development MSc programme to think about urban health justice as a proactive and trans-disciplinary field, seeking to contribute to the wellbeing of urban populations.

The Development Planning Unit (DPU) are pleased to announce the launch of the Health in Urban Development (HUD) MSc Scholarship.

The purpose of the DPU Health in Urban Development Scholarship is to support candidates of the highest calibre for postgraduate study at the Health in Urban Development MSc programme, in the expectation that as graduates, these scholars will make important contributions to urban health by drawing on the strengths of the international perspective and leading position of the DPU in the development field. 

There is one scholarship available, that will cover 100% of the tuition fee for the MSc programme, to a maximum of the rate for overseas fee-payers.  We encourage candidates from a diverse background and from the Global South to apply.

Eligibility requirements

The scholarship is available to cover the full overseas tuition fee for the academic year 21/22 for the programme MSc Health in Urban Development.

Applicants must be in receipt of an unconditional offer to the MSc HUD programme at the time of application, and must meet the scholarship criteria.

Selection criteria

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit and the ability of the applicant to meet their living costs.

Application process 

Apply now

Applicants must be able to pay for all living expenses.  The DPU reserves the right to request documentary evidence of this ability as part of the assessment process.

Please note: Unsuccessful applications cannot be appealed & feedback on the decision will not be provided.

DEADLINE 1st July 2021

Application forms should be returned to dpu@ucl.ac.uk