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Grounded Planning: People-centred strategies for city upgrading in Thailand and the Philippines

Wave 3

13 December 2017

Grounded Planning: People-centred strategies for city upgrading in Thailand and the Philippines

Engaging with transformative city-wide upgrading practices

This booklet provides an overview of DPU alumni’ experiences, exchanges and learnings during their internship with the Philippine Alliance, Manila and Openspace, Bangkok.

Over six months, these young professionals were exposed to the everyday practices of people-centred development, focusing specifically on the twin challenges of generating flexible finance schemes and meaningful multi-stakeholder engagement. The booklet captures the diverse ways in which community-led organisations apprehend and address these challenges, developing in the process a variety of methodologies to tackle them.

In the Philippines, the interns were exposed to a strong alliance of community groups and their embedded support organisations, responding to a changing financial environment through experimentations with social entrepreneurship. They contributed to alternative planning processes built on fore-fronting the tactical knowledge of communities, working with context-specific mapping methodologies to sustain long term social engagement.

In Bangkok, the interns were engaged in an architectural practice working across the boundaries of market and community-led processes. The booklet recounts the innovations and trade-offs at the heart of such ventures. In particular, the interns explored the multiplicity of the notion of value and the potential of corporate social responsibility. In addition, the interns revealed the iterative, incremental and creative negotiation processes at neighbourhood scale to leverage the power of multiple actors involved in the redevelopment of inner city locations.

Ultimately, the book is testament to the constant experimentation and innovation that characterises members of the Asian Coalition of Housing Rights network. It provides another testimony of DPU’s constant commitment to learn from and with our partners’ admirable impetus to trigger positive transformative initiatives. This publication by DPU/ACHR/

CAN Young Professionals offers a glimpse of the ACHR legacy and the DPU ethos grounded in flexibility, reflexivity and adaptability, towards socio-environmental justice.

Catalina Ortiz
Barbara Lipietz

Luisa Miranda Morel
Nausica Castanas
David Hoffmann
Ploy Kasama Yamtree

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU)
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR)
Community Architects Network (CAN)

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