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Alessio Kolioulis

Alessio Kolioulis holds a Joint PhD in Aesthetics (Paris 8) and Urban Studies (Rome La Sapienza). His thesis on technoculture analysed the link between sonic ecologies and urban territories in London and Detroit.

Alessio is also a Visiting Research Scholar with the Sonic Research Group at London South Bank University.

He is an editorial board member of Eterotopia France, an independent publishing company, and an editor of engagée Journal for Political and Philosophical Interventions.

Prior to UCL, Alessio worked as a Grants Officer and Impact Analyst for various third sector organisation based in London.

Specific areas of research interest include:

  • Creative Industries and Night-Time Economies
  • Technoculture
  • Critical Urban Theory
  • Regeneration Projects and Gentrification
  • Radical Municipalism, Democracy and Social Movements
  • Social Ecology or Ecosophy