The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back, Looking Forward is a DPU 60th anniversary project set up to capture both the organisational history and future challenges of the DPU as seen through the experiences, perceptions and intellectual projects of past and present DPU staff. These stories are told in the context of their individual career trajectories on the one hand, and the dominant urban development policy and planning challenges of their time.

In this frame, staff are asked to reflect on their careers and contributions to planning education, the development of the DPU and development practice in the global south. In this phase of the project, the output is a series of stand-alone video interviews with former DPU staff and associates. In the next phase, a second set of interviews with current DPU staff is scheduled for 2015 - look out for these in the future!

Patrick Wakely
DPU Staff: 1968-76 & 1982-2008
Watch the Patrick Wakely interview on Youtube

Nigel Harris
DPU Staff: 1973-1998
Watch the Nigel Harris interview on Youtube

Ronaldo Ramirez
DPU Staff: 1974-1999
Watch the Ronaldo Ramirez interview on Youtube

Desmond McNeill
DPU Staff: 1976-84
Watch the Desmond McNeill interview on Youtube

Sheilah Meikle
DPU Staff: 1990-2005
Watch the Sheilah Meikle interview on Youtube

Caroline Moser
DPU Staff: 1978-86
Watch the Caroline Moser interview on Youtube

Michael Mattingly
DPU Staff: 1977-2004
Watch the Michael Mattingly interview on Youtube

Babar Mumtaz
DPU Staff: 1974-2005
Watch the Babar Mumtaz interview on Youtube

Michael Safier
DPU Staff: 1970-2006
Watch the Michael Safier Interview on YouTube