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Institute for Digital Innovation in the Built Environment

Our mission is to support industry and policy for societal benefit by advancing our collective understanding of the Digital Innovation in the Built Environment.

UCL Bartlett Institute for Digital Innovation in the Built Environment (IDIBE)

The Institute for Digital Innovation in the Built Environment (iDIBE) was founded in 2016 by Professor Tim Broyd to respond to industry and policy demand around digital transformation in the built environment. Since 2022, it is a platform for marshalling and coordinating relevant expertise.

The digital world is one of radical possibility. Provocative ideas around new technologies are shaping the way the built environment is created, sustained and managed — and we're leading the charge.

Drawing on digital advances such as building information modelling (BIM), smart cities, big data and the internet of things, IDIBE dedicated to improving process and cost-efficiencies, promoting sustainable futures, and enabling social and cultural transformations.

We interrogate digital innovation as it strives to enhance the design, construction and operation of buildings, systems and cities. Continued dialogue between our academic research and role as educators with policy makers and practitioners marks our commitment to a collaborative and integrated digital future.

Innovation at the cutting edge of digital systems and future trends can change the world — for the better. We are global pioneers in this vision.