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The Project Hub - Management of Projects

The Project Hub, consolidates BSSC competencies and expertise on the management of projects, developing synergies within and beyond our core team.

The Project Hub

With a core team of 15 scholars, led by Professor Martina Huemann, we are the largest team focusing on the management of projects and programmes worldwide, and a leading research area in the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction (BSSC) at The Bartlett, UCL. Our home, The Project Hub, consolidates BSSC competencies and expertise on the management of projects, developing synergies within and beyond our core team, in the School and with other research centres internationally. 

Vision and Aim 

Our vision is to be the leader in Project Management research worldwide, because … We love projects!  

The management of projects and programmes addresses the strategic importance of projects and programmes in delivering economic, environmental, and social value for public and private clients, stakeholders, and society.  A project is considered as a learning and innovation space, a social space and as a co-creation space for future making and the delivery of change in society.  In our research we consider digital and sustainability transitions by projects and we promote projects as change agents to create a sustainable future. 

Our aim is to lead high-impact research and engagement activities which solve real world challenges in our society and the global community.  

In addition to projects and programmes, we are experts in the areas of project professionals, project teams, project portfolios, project networks, project-based firms, project-oriented organisations, cities, the project society overall and the interplay between these. 

How we engage 

Our research approach is interdisciplinary, based on the cross-fertilisation of organisation theory, organisation behavior, business, economics, law, philosophy, technology, supply chain, construction, and engineering management. We value the principles of engaged scholarship and research innovation to push the frontiers in project scholarship, to create viable solutions based on rigor and relevance, and to have impact on both theory and practice.

Our mindset is future-oriented, and our core values are the co-creation of knowledge and deep engagement in research, education and training. Finally, our high-impact insights are captured in new theory, policy recommendations and practical applications in the built environment and beyond.  

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Events and News 

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The Project Hub core team 

Prof. Martina Huemann

Prof. Martina Huemann is Professor in Project Leadership and Society, and the Director of The Project Hub. She is Editor-in-Chief of the leading journal in Project Management, The International Journal of Project Management and she is Founding-Editor-in Chief of Project Leadership and Society. Visit Dr Huemann's LinkedIn page here.

Dr Simon Addyman

Dr Simon Addyman is Associate Professor in Project Management. Simon is Programme Director for MSc Project and Enterprise Management and Director of the Centre for Construction Project Organising. His primary interests lie in understanding construction projects as dynamic processes, the interface between projects and firms, and their role in value creation. In addition to his teaching and research, Simon advises government, professional institutes and private organisations, seeking to bridge the knowledge between theory and practice. 

Dr Katharina Burger

Dr Katharina Burger is Associate Professor in Major Infrastructure Delivery. She is interested in behavioural decision making, city futures and project management, e.g. research in how people make decisions, in groups and organisations, to address wicked problems, for example, equitable urban development and sustainability transitions . 

Dr M. Selçuk Çıdık

Dr M. Selçuk Çıdık is Associate Professor in Construction and Project Management. His research explores conditions and processes of project value generation, both for society and project stakeholders. He has worked seven years in infrastructure construction before joining academia, and he provides consultancy on strategic management of projects.  Check out Dr Çıdık's latest research: Political ecology of infrastructure project value and Project value as practice

Dr Juliano Denicol

Dr Juliano Denicol is the Director of the Megaproject Delivery Centre at UCL and the founding Programme Director of the MBA Major Infrastructure Delivery. Before joining UCL, Juliano has worked as a supply chain management consultant at High Speed 2, the largest infrastructure project in Europe, and advisor to the European Commission on public procurement policies. His current research areas to improve the performance of megaprojects include: Programme Management, Organisation Design, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, and Systems Integration.   

Dr Roya Derakhshan

Dr Roya Derakhshan is lecturer in Project Management. Roya has two PhDs from Polytechnic University of Milan and Polytechnic University of Madrid as a part of Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Program. Roya is interested in studying marginalised stakeholders in overlooked contexts and their interactions with and within diverse organizational contexts. Her work has been published in International Journal of Project Management (ABS2), Journal of Business Ethics (ABS3-FT50), Human Relations (ABS4-FT50), among others. She has been guest editor of some Special Issues in International Journal of Project Management and Organization. Roya's research has won several awards including IPMA Young Researcher Award 2020 and Best Business Ethics Paper in Academy of Management 2023. 

Dr Francesco Di Maddaloni

Dr Francesco Di Maddaloni is a lecturer in Project Studies and Major Infrastructure Delivery at UCL. His research interests are in the areas of stakeholder engagement and cross-sector collaborations in temporary organising, with a particular focus on the social aspects and value co-creation of major infrastructure and construction projects at the local community level.  

Dr Ilias Krystallis

Dr Ilias Krystallis is Associate Professor in Engineering Project Management. Ilias has varied research interests that integrate the technical problem-solving skills of engineering with organisational, administrative, and planning skills of management. His interests include uncertainty management, design flexibility, project performance, governance and coordination of complex projects and networks, and organisational change projects.  Check out Dr Krystaliis' latest research: Flexible Infrastructure Design and Reconfiguration capabilities in infrastructure owners. 

Maurizio Sammarco

Maurizio Sammarco is Lecturer in Management. Maurizio's research interests include project leadership, strategy, change management, innovation, digital transformation and disruption.  

Dr Natalya Sergeeva

Dr Natalya Sergeeva is Associate Professor in Project Management. Her research interests include project leadership, innovation and narratives. She has influenced and impacted project management, innovation management and management studies. She has also developed and ran short courses based on her original research. Check out Dr Sergeeva's latest research: Narratives in megaprojects which won the IPMA Research Award and Crafting and maintaining organizational identity narrative in a temporary organization: The case of Tideway megaproject.  

Dr Stefano Miraglia

Dr Stefano Miraglia is Associate Professor of Strategy. He studies the strategic challenges and opportunities arising for project-based firms around technology and innovation management, business model innovation, culture and knowledge management. 

Dr Jean Xu

Dr Jean Xu is Associate Professor in Enterprise Management. She takes a relational approach to organising projects and project businesses. Her research focuses on the wellbeing of construction project stakeholders, such as workers and residents. I'm also interested in the creation of meaningful work.   

Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou

Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou is Associate Professor in Strategic Management of Projects. She leads an interdisciplinary programme of research on the politics of the self, in connection with ethics, professionalism and Grand Challenges. She creates mindsets for strategic thinking and social transformation.  Check out Dr Konstantinou's latest research: Personal Code of Ethics (PCoE) Toolkit and The Blind Spot

Dr Carlos Galera-Zarco

Dr Carlos Galera-Zarco is Associate Professor in Project Management and Business Analytics.  His research interests revolve around Digital Transformation, Servitisation, and Digitalisation. He is currently exploring the challenges and opportunities that AI, Digital Twins, and new digital technologies present for innovation, operations, and new organisational forms.  

Dr Antoine Vernet

Dr Antoine Vernet is Associate Professor in Management in the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction. Before joining UCL, he was a research associate in the Business Analytics centre in the Management department at Imperial College Business School. 

Dr Armando Castro

Dr Armando Castro is the director of the Centre for Sustainable Governance and Law in the Built Environment and the programme leader of the MSc Construction Economics and Management. Dr Castro holds a PhD in Management from Imperial College London and was a visiting PhD student at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. In his research he is interested in the interface between Law and Project Management.