The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Yan Chen

Driving factors of carbon emissions in the built environment: a comparison between London and Beijing

School research theme: Sustainability in the built environment
Research supervisor: Dr Zhifu Mi and Prof D'Maris Coffman
Start date: September 2018

Global warming poses a serious threat to the economic development of all countries, specifically in the areas of the built environment, urban and city planning. Carbon dioxide emissions is one of the main causes and research on this related topic is essential to find out the driving factors of carbon emissions in the built environment in order to mitigate this threat.

I will be conducting in-depth research into the reasons for this phenomenon and efficient and effective strategies to alleviate this situation to help create a more pleasant living environment and sustainable development.

Under these circumstances, a study on the influential factors of carbon dioxide emission is greatly needed to have a deep understanding of what factors bring about carbon dioxide emission and which factor affects the most. A special comparison between Beijing and London will help to probe into the unique situation in this area. This will provide direct valid evidence for policy-making in these areas and also give a valuable reference for the development of other places.