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Prompt Udomdech

Project-based learning to advance Building Information Modelling innovation adoption in the built environment SMEs

School Research Theme: Building Information Modelling (BIM), Innovation Adoption, Organisational Ambidexterity and Project-based Learning (PBL)
Research supervisors: Prof Andrew DaviesDr Eleni Papadonikolaki
Start date: September 2017

The problem of Building Information Modelling (BIM) innovation adoption in built environment SMEs is the main issue that this research targets. The lack of individuals within adequate BIM competences is the main source to this complication. The research perceives Project-Based Learning (PBL) as the key. It poses the research question of “How, and to what extend can PBL assist BIM innovation adoption in the built environment SMEs?”

BIM learning in an instance where individuals acquire skills and abilities to undertake and deliver BIM-related tasks and outcomes. BIM learning mechanisms is how BIM learning occurs within BIM-operating project teams. The research looks into BIM learning mechanisms through the perspective of organisational ambidexterity.

The research chooses a research strategy of a cross-context comparative case study between the British and the Thai built environment industries. 

Publications and other work
  • Udomdech, P., Papadonikolaki, E. and Davies, A., 2018. An Alternative Project-Based Learning Model for Building Information Modelling-Using Teams. In Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) (Vol. 34, pp. 57-66). Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM).