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Imad Ahmed

Infrastructure Economics and Finance

School Research Theme: Economics and financing of the built environment 
Research supervisors: Prof D'Maris CoffmanDr Priti Parikh; Prof Michelle BaddeleyDr Ian Hamilton  
Start date: 29 September 2016

My PhD investigates the political economy of the energy mix of hydropower dependent developing nations, with a focus on Zambia.

My PhD research, studentship, fees and residential bursaries are funded respectively by the International Growth Centre, UCL and Goodenough College. 

Current roles:  

  • Senior Economist, Vivid Economics
  • Captain, Goodenough Cricket Club. 
  • Violinist, Good Ensemble.

Former roles before I entered Completing Research Status:

Prior to my PhD, I helped the Rwandan government execute award-winning and innovative infrastructure projects as its PPP Transactions Advisor from 2012-2016, and developed investment presentation and appraisal tools and contributed to Rwanda’s laws on PPPs and investment promotion as a Special Policy Advisor to Rwanda’s Treasury to the Secretary.  

Before that, I worked in African private equity in London. I have a Master of International Business degree from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, where I was a Schmidheiny Global Business Scholar, with an exchange at HEC Paris, and a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley.

Publications and other work

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