The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Why Beauty, Urbanism and Stewardship will matter to investors in the 21st Century

9 October 2019

Yolande- BREI chair

BREI's Chair, Yolande Barnes features in a new essay collection with Policy Exchange. Her article explores why changes to global capitals lead investors towards more aesthetically pleasing buildings

She say, "Real estate is a long term asset- I increasingly hear this said by lots of different people but I was contemplating it myself in a very real way the other day as I paid yet another huge bill for the renovation and maintenance of my own home. My house was built in 1796 on land whose ownership is documented to before the 12th century. I’ve traced the property’s very chequered history so I can see that I am just the latest of about nine generations who have shaped and adapted the building over the last two centuries, and the latest of an even longer line of people before that, who shaped the land that is now my garden."

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