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CPM's early research minds come together for annual PhD retreat

19 May 2017

PhD students and staff gathered in Norfolk to develop their research skills and enjoy the countryside.

CPM PhD retreat

Earlier this month, a number of staff and PhD students attended the School’s annual PhD retreat, held in the surroundings of the Blakeney Hotel, Norfolk.

The retreat supported and enhanced the collegiate experience, allowing the students to learn about research methodology, method, ethics and skills. Richard Fellows, Emeritus Professor at Loughborough University, was the guest speaker and presented on Sensemaking as a Research Perspective.

As well as being an excellent opportunity for networking, the retreat was also a chance for students, particularly from overseas, to escape London to visit one of the UK’s areas of outstanding natural beauty.

PhD candidate Simon Addyman said, “Sharing knowledge and experience amongst students and staff is a really strong theme within the school and the PhD retreat was no exception.

"The added bonus was that this was held in a lovely setting away from the school, enabling a really nice mix of socialising and studying.

"I came away knowing some of my fellow students better than before and feeling more confident in how to focus on completing my thesis."

Wuyanga, another PhD candidate who attended the retreat, said, “Interactions with the staff and my colleagues have opened my eyes to whole new perspectives of doing my research.”

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