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Claire McAndrew talks ‘All Autonomy’ at AGENCY 2030

15 March 2017

Shifting the conversation from autonomous cars to autonomous culture.

Claire McAndrew talks ‘All Autonomy’ at AGENCY 2030

Claire McAndrew talks ‘All Autonomy’ with Tom Ollerton Innovation Director at We Are Social. The sixth event in the AGENCY 2030 series, focused on the trend of All Automation.

We’re heading into a future where all people, all day and all things will become autonomous with everyday decisions being ‘outsourced’. How will this impact on human psychology and behavior? What does this mean for people, culture, business and brand connectivity? A review can be found here.

AGENCY 2030 is a unique collaboration between UCL and DH Ready - a cross-discipline creative consultancy, investigating how emerging trends in science, technology and culture will reshape the future of the creative industry. Designed around interdisciplinary panel discussions, the series aims to unearth diverse insights and broaden knowledge transfer across a number of traditionally unrelated industries.

Image Credit: Jahel Guerra Roa