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Projects redefined: Foresight’s Future of Project Management launches

28 April 2017

Global consultancy firm Arup, in collaboration with C&PM and APM, has launched a new publication setting out its vision for how projects will be managed in the future.

Andrew Edkins and Julie Wood

Friday 28 April saw the launch of the latest Foresight publication: the Future of Project Management - a partnership and collaboration between Arup, the Association for Project Management (APM) and The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management.

Featuring crowd-sourced inputs from the global project management community, Future of Project Management (FoPM) is a compilation of best practice, emerging trends and a forum for debate about change in the project management profession, imagining a roadmap for future academic and professional research.

In his foreword, Andrew Edkins, Professor of the Management of Complex Projects at C&PM and Director of the Bartlett Real Estate Institute, highlights the value academic thought adds to the practice of project management, and considers how projects of the future will look and the impact this will have on the role of the project manager.

Examining the potential for innovation and transformation in project management, Andy Davies, Professor of the Management of Projects at the School, outlines how this collaboration between UCL, Arup and APM will influence the future of the discipline.

Speaking at a panel discussion to mark the launch of FoPM, Andrew Edkins said:

“The evidence shows that the construction industry is ripe for improvement, with advances in  technology having the potential to be increasingly transformative for the industry. We now need to look at the projects the School’s current students will be managing in their futures: what kind of projects will they be, and how can we ensure we do the right projects?”

FoPM will continue to develop as an initiative – prompting future research that in turn will provide fresh insight to develop and improve project management, which can then be used to educate future generations.

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