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Metaspace Futures: A Visual Essay

19 December 2016

Metaspace Futures

Metaspace Futures by Claire McAndrew and Paul Sermon is a visual essay published in the November issue of Metaverse Creativity.

In Roy Ascott's 1983 La Plissure du Texte (The Pleating of the Text), the first flicker of digitally enabled, distributed authorship can be seen. Collapsing time and space through interactivity produced a layering of semantics that translated into unimagined, new narratives.

Metaspace Futures documents our use of distributed authorship in telematic practice, to bring built and imagined narratives closer together, creating new visual and embodied commentaries about how we occupy space in cities. It considers how this search for alternative narratives, alongside the unfolding hybrid of physical place and digital space that cities of the future will arise.

Photograph: Harriet Halpin