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Prof Andrew Davies calls for more innovation in the management of megaprojects

5 August 2015


Professor Andrew Davies was featured in the Sunday Times on 2nd August, talking about his work on innovation in large UK infrastructure projects. Based on 10 years of research with leading executives, directors and project managers working on these projects, he makes the case that we need to move away from a world of fixed-price contracts, risk transfer, lowest-cost tendering and adversarial relationships.

Megaprojects have to be innovative and flexible to deal with unforeseen events and new opportunities that could not be anticipated many years earlier when the project goals were defined. Heathrow Terminal 5 (T5) was the breakthrough in terms how we should deliver megaprojects, the London 2012 Olympics construction project created a highly successful delivery partner model and Crossrail has implemented the world’s first innovation strategy for megaprojects. These and other lessons are now being applied and shared across other megaprojects such as Thames Tideway Tunnel and High Speed 2.

You can find the full Raconteur Supplement on Project Management on the Sunday Times website: http://raconteur.net/project-management-2015