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How the world of work runs on networks and networking

21 October 2014


Professor Michelle Baddeley, professor of economics and finance of the built environment, was interviewed as part of BBC Radio 4's Networking Nation series, airing on 16th and 17th October 2014.

The five-part series, hosted by Julia Hobsbawm, businesswoman and the world's first professor in Networking, examines the different worlds of networks and networking to see if we are in fact, a networking nation.

In the programme, Professor Michelle Baddeley discusses how traditional network structures are beneficial in leveraging the weak ties between people that an ideal network would not be discriminatory or exclusive. 

Listen to the series:

BBC Radio 4 'Networking Nation: the World of Work' (from 5 mins 12 secs)

BBC Radio 4 'Networking Nation: Nation of Networkers' (from 3 mins 13 secs)