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Impact from Research

One of the main objectives of the Transforming Construction Network Plus programme is to support academic research leading to a marked effect or influence on industry. To achieve the aims and objectives of the N+ programme we wanted to recommend an impact framework that would be best placed to support project teams.

In June 2020, the N+ team published the Guide: Creating Impact from Research

After identifying and reviewing the options it became clear that existing frameworks covered many, but not all, of the elements we felt project teams needed when working to a tight timescale in a complex multi-stakeholder environment. To address this, we generated a simple and straightforward approach to assess and structure research and engagement activities to maximise impact for research project teams. This guide is for anyone who is undertaking research from which they would like to create impact.

Download the Guide: Creating Impact from Research 

5 steps for impact creation

The framework consists of five steps. Each step represents planning and activities that combine to provide a foundation for developing impact in a structured and consistent way. Questions and tips are provided for each step to help prompt thinking and activity planning.


  • Identifying Impact Goal(s)
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Identifying Activities and Outputs
  • Identifying Resources
  • Monitoring and Reflection

Find out more about the 5 steps 

 Hear from Leyla Miray Kaya from the N+ team.

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Find out more about the framework

Watch Leyla Miray Kaya from the N+ team.

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Comparison of Impact Methodologies

To build this guide, the N+ team has undertaken the comparison of highly reputable impact methodologies. The framework has been developed from a systemic literature review which has helped the team to identify 6 impact methodologies.

  • Logic Model
  • Research Excellence Framework Approach
  • Impact Literacy Workbook - Emerald
  • Fast Track Impact 
  • Payback Framework
  • Research Contribution Framework 

More information about the systematic literature review and the thematic analysis and synthesis of each impact model can be found here [pdf, 5.7 MB]

Find out more about the Comparison of Impact Methodologies

 Hear from Leyla Miray Kaya from the N+ team. 

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