The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management


Our partnerships

European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank (EIB), the world’s largest supranational lending institution, is backing our recently-launched postgraduate course – MSc Infrastructure Investment and Finance.

The partnership allows students to benefit directly from EIB expertise, with staff from the bank participating in teaching on the MSc programme, and also, possibly, pursuing joint research projects with UCL staff. It’s also expected that the EIB will offer placements and traineeships to Bartlett students.

Transport for London

Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with TfL, London's public transport operator, has allowed an exchange of expertise that's focused on one of C&PM's specialist areas: organisational network analysis (ONA).

By applying ONA, we’ve helped TfL improve their design, implementation and evaluation of collaborative teams on projects. In return, the school’s Centre for Organisational Network Analysis - led by C&PM’s Professor Stephen Pryke - is learning about the operation of project systems on major infrastructure projects, and collecting high-quality material for research workshops, conference papers and journal articles.

Besides the KTP, TfL has also sent a number of its staff to study at C&PM on our MSc Project and Enterprise Management.


Our two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership with KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler) led to new methods by which the firm can benchmark the operational performance of PFI (private finance initiative) schools and hospitals, and other privately-financed social infrastructure projects.

These methods allow data from diverse sources to be collated and analysed in order to test propositions concerning the expected operational cost savings of PFI-style contracts, and the quality of PFI facilities.

The partnership has led to four research-driven, practitioner-focused reports, and two academic conference papers.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

C&PM has carried out commissioned research on several occasions for the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Our most recent study shone a light into the finances of construction companies, and in particular their use of trade credit as a form of current liabilities, and the forms of capital they use to finance their total assets.


Crossrail is the biggest civil engineering project in western Europe to build a high-frequency, high-capacity east-west railway through the centre of London. Our partnership with them led to the world’s first innovation strategy for a megaproject.

Led by Professor Andy Davies, the Crossrail Innovation Strategy Board is aiming to raise the bar across the construction industry, which has for too long pushed risk down the supply chain when it could be pulling opportunities and innovation up it.

Network Rail

We have developed a tailored version of our MSc Project and Enterprise Management programme for several cohorts of Network Rail staff. 

Our knowledge transfer partnership with Network Rail aims to support the development and implementation of knowledge management processes and systems in Network Rail that will effectively capture and transfer knowledge while increasing innovation. The school, in turn, will gain access to industry-level information and data, which will be used to enhance new thinking. The opportunity will provide unique material for research workshops, high-quality conference papers and journal articles, and further, will be used to inform future teaching.