The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Salman Altuwariki

Thesis title: Dynamic Fine Grain Land-use based on the economic structure

Primary supervisor: Dr. Adam Dennett
Secondary supervisor: Professor Mike Batty
Starting date: July 2016
Projected completion date: July 2020

The term land use is broadly used in the planning field to describe different urban aspects in an aggregated or disaggregated way. While the aggregated meaning of land use could hint at the type of land covers (forest, water, etc.), and the man-made zoning approaches (commercial, residential, etc.) , the disaggregated meaning could refer to the facilities and services (libraries, elementary school, coffee shop, etc.) . In this research the focus will be on the disaggregated land-uses that reflect the demand side of facilities and services from the population perspective, which would result in a better supply of services and facilities from the public and the private sector.