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AEC Production Control Room

Can real-time data analytics and mixed reality visualization help deliver construction projects on time and budget?

AEC production control room

Large construction projects are notorious for overruns, delays and growing costs. Contributing factors include uncertainties due to missing or out-of-date information, lack of interoperability between data and systems, and isolated ways of working. Architectural design and engineering processes generate large amounts of digital information which are currently underutilised in the construction process.

The ACE Production Control Room is a £1.6 Million funded Innovate UK demonstrator project which aims to improve the management and delivery of construction projects. To promote interoperability the project will develop a scalable and repeatable ‘plug and play’ construction reporting platform featuring a range of preconfigured performance metrics. To facilitate collaboration on-site the platform will be accessible via site-mounted physical control rooms. Project metrics and benchmarks will be displayed alongside 4D models of the site, enabling teams to objectively compare ‘what was planned’ versus ‘what has been delivered’.

The platform will also be accessible from a further control room at MACE’s project headquarters. This will enable collaboration across the organization, supporting on-site coordination of construction activity, project steering activities in the project back office, and also providing wider overviews across the company’s construction portfolio.

Led by MACE the project is supported by a number of industry and academic partners including 3DRepo, eviFile, Mission Room, Imperial College London and UCL. Researchers from the Connected Environments team at CASA will be contributing by investigating state-of-the-art applications of real-time data analytics and mixed reality visualization and interaction. Our colleagues from the  Bartlett School of Construction Project Management are exploring the value chain benefits.


MACE, 3DRepo, eviFile, Mission Room, Imperial College London, UCL


Duncan Wilson, Fateme Dinmohammadi, Oliver Dawkins, Daniel Rennie


Project overview + demo YouTube (Dec 2021)


Computer Vision and Project Planning in a Construction Site