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Think London KTP

Think London is the official foreign direct investment agency for London. It connects international businesses to London, helping them set up, succeed and grow.

28 November 2016

In January 2005 Think London and UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) launched a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the promotion of foreign direct investment into London. This DTI scheme provides a grant to cover 60% of collaborative R&D costs, including the appointment of a KTP Associate to work full-time for two years developing the GIS.Think London set out two strategic objectives for the development of the GIS:
  • To improve the way London is marketed to investors
  • To improve the way information is delivered to overseas investors.

The GIS helps Think London and London market themselves in a more intelligent, in-depth, punchy and proactive manner, and helps the organisation to focus its resources more efficiently. It also is:

  • Improving the presentation of data concerning London by the use of static and interactive maps which help sell London as the best business location in Europe and the World
  • The GIS gives Think London’s project managers the power to produce custom maps tailored to their customers needs. In addition, the GIS serves as a tool to improve the decision making process on where to locate in London.

The ongoing project has already allowed Think London to benefit from:

  • Geographic analysis of economic and social factors across London for strategic clients. The quantitative research delivered arguments for expansion of the company’s activities in London, as opposed to out-of-London alternatives
  • Quantitative proof through geographic analysis that shows that Think London is fulfilling its mission to attract business to London and its different regions
  • Improved marketing material through the provision of maps showcasing London’s vibrant ethnic and business communities.

Further development will allow Think London to publish a mapping interface on the internet that will attract and retain potential investors on Think London’s website.


  • Patrick Weber