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CASA Working Paper 213

Creating a new dataset to analyse house prices in England

Working Paper 213

19 September 2019

House price data deficiencies hinder UK housing market research. House price research in the UK is limited by lack of an open and comprehensive house price database that contains transaction price alongside individual property characteristics. This research outlines one approach which addresses this deficiency in England. Land Registry Price Paid Data (PPD) is the official house price dataset in England covering residential transactions in the housing market. It has two main disadvantages: first it is not geo-referenced and second, it lacks accurate information on housing size. We create two data linkage methods to overcome these two shortcomings, first by linking the Land Registry PPD with Ordnance Survey (OS) MasterMap and OS AddressBase Plus, second by linking the resulting data with total floor area information from Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). This new linked dataset offers greater flexibility for the exploration of house price variation in England over different scales. A strong positive relationship is observed between house price and total floor area. This relationship varies at different geographic scales and over different property types across England.

Author/s: Bin Chi, Adam Dennett, Thomas Oléron-Evans, Robin Morphet