The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


CASA Working Paper 194


17 October 2013

Intelligent Master Planning Tools

This paper reports on research into the development of digital tools for use in urban master planning. The concern has been to address the current issues of managing the diversity and dispersed nature of the information required and making use of the information to form a robust evidence base. The principal research objective has therefore been to find ways of making better use of information systems and spatial modelling to improve the process and results of master planning efforts. The substance of the paper begins with an account of the master planning process as a driver and context for the compilation and use of geospatial information.

This is followed by an assessment of the relevant data sources available to establish a core set of master planning data. The final section sets out a schematic structure for Intelligent Master Planning Tools and an Information and Testing Environment that have significant potential for development into pragmatic tools for application in practice.

Authors: Karl Kropf

Publication Date: 17th October 2013


Download Working Paper 194. File size 1.1MB, PDF format.