The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis



The MRes Spatial Data Science and Visualisation is an interdisciplinary course designed to raise awareness of new task-specific techniques that have emerged as part of the online revolution.

CASA has been at the forefront of the changes that have impacted the way we share, communicate and distribute information, specifically information relating directly to geographic and spatial entities.

These changes have steadily emerged since the mid 1990s and it is clear that location and space now represent a third force in information technology besides more traditional computer and communication science.

These changes are reflected within the interlinked laboratory research-based student projects (specifically a group visualisation project and the MRes dissertation), with data collection focused on 'remote data mining' rather than field work in the traditional planning/geographical/architectural sense. Indeed, these research-led skills are increasingly becoming a key element in shaping our understanding of complex spatial functions.

The course runs full time over 12 months starting late September, a part-time option over is available which is typically completed within 2 years, but can be spread over 5. The taught element of the full-time course is usually delivered on two days per week, for part-time study this is limited to one day per week.