The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis



CASA is inherently interdisciplinary. Among its staff are physicists, planners, geographers, data scientists, architects, mathematicians and computer scientists all working on the same projects.

The centre is comprised of academic staff, research staff, professional services staff, visiting academics, honorary staff and postgraduate (Doctoral and Masters) students.

Our research interests include:

  • Smart Cities
  • Internet of Things and Connected Environments
  • Urban planning
  • Data Visualisation
  • Urban and regional modelling
  • Transportation
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Migration modelling
  • Fractal Analysis
  • Network Science

The centre attracts students from all over the world due to its mix of domain expertise and quantitative training. They come from a range of disciplines from planning and geography to mathematics, computer science and physics, and from both industry and academia.