The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Boyana Buyuklieva

Thesis title: Understanding Demographic Metabolism 
Primary supervisor: Dr. Adam Dennett
Secondary supervisor: Dr Hannah Fry
Funding: EPSRC PhD Studentship
Starting date: December 2016 

My PhD will look at residential mobility and housing. The system of residential flows that result from the simultaneous transition of individuals through their own life stages and through the city is understood as London’s metabolism. An underpinning assumption of the work is: as households move through the life cycle, their residential decisions interact with other housing demands in their vicinity and these together shape current and anticipated housing provisions. Migration patterns of households in small areas within London and the near commuter belt will be examined to articulate the role of the housing stock in individual migration decisions and model scenarios of change within boroughs.

Keywords: residential mobility, housing real-estate and development, urban simulation


Boyana (Bonnie) is an EPSRC-funded doctoral researcher at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA).

Bonnie studied Architecture at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany and the University of Liege, Belgium before obtaining her MSc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation at the Bartlett, passed with distinction. Prior to commencing her PhD, she was part of the ICRI (Intel Collaborative Research Institute) for Urban IoT (Internet of Things). The wider goal of this project was to develop IoT technologies that can be used by city councils and local municipalities worldwide to understand more on how their citizens respond to big changes caused by urbanisation, immigration, gentrification, and the like. Before joining CASA, Bonnie was part of the architectural practice Foster + Partners, where she was involved in city-scale projects. These include the new transport system for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the New Doha International Airport.