The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Doctoral Candidates

Salman Altuwariki
Email: s.altuwariki.13@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Dynamic Fine Grain Land-use based on the economic structure

Sophie Ayling
Email: sophie.ayling.10@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Using Agent Based Modeling to Inform a Health Policy response to Infectious Diseases: A case study of SARS-CoV-2 in Zimbabwe

Adham Enaya
Email: adham.enaya.22@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis Title: Improving the Performance of Deep Gravity Models in Predicting Urban Mobility in Geographic Areas with Limited Training Data through the Use of Urban Transfer Learning Techniques

Emmanuel Farinre
Email: emmanuel.farinre.19@ucl.ac.uk

Maurice Glucksman
Email: maurice.glucksman.22@ucl.ac.uk

Hannah Gumble
Email: hannah.gumble.17@ucl.ac.uk

Yuna Lee
Email: yuna.lee@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Design, Innovation and Behavioural Insights for Strategic Foresight and Policymaking

Enriqueta Llabres-Valls
Email: e.llabres-valls@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Green infrastructure and the micro-environmental data of the metaverse.

Dongyi Ma
Email: dongyi.ma.21@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: 
Measuring and Communicating Urban Heat Islands and Urban Microclimates using Long Range Wide Area Networked IoT Sensor System for Input into Urban Policy and Climate Planning in London

Valentina Marin 
Email: v.marin@ucl.ac.uk

Mateo Neira
Email: mateo.neira.16@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Urban innovation, economic growth, and social sustainability in urban systems: a multiplex network approach

Zulfikar Putra
Email: zulfikar.putra.21@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: The Development of Grassroots Planning Model for Action-centred City Planning

Melda Salhab
Email: melda.salhab.14@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Can GDP be measured from space? Investigating the extent to which economic output can be estimated using remote sensing data

Obi Thompson Sargoni
Email: obi.sargoni.18@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Exploring Human and Autonomous Vehicle Interactions at Autonomous Intersections through Agent-based Simulation

Laura Sheppard
Email: laura.sheppard.20@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Gendering the Research Pipeline: A quantitative feminist geographical approach

Richard Sobey
Email: richard.sobey.18@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: The spatialization of resistance in the smart city: spaces of challenge for disruptive modes of citizen participation

Aude Vuilliomenet
Email: aude.vuilliomenet.18@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Gardens of Things - The adoption of Internet of Things technology and Edge computing to increase citizens' engagement with urban biodiversity

Weijue Wang
Email: weijue.wang.19@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Citizenship in digitally augmented public spaces: a mixed-methods exploratory multi-sited study in London, UK

Yikang Wang
Email: yikang.wang.21@ucl.ac.uk 

Szymon Walkowiak
Email: szymon.walkowiak.19@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Diagnosing Dementia through Large-Scale Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Jennie Williams
Email: jennie.williams.20@ucl.ac.uk

Philip Wilkinson
Email: philip.wilkinson.19@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Spatial Interaction Models in a Big Data Grocery Retailing Environment

Howard Wong
Email: howard.wong.18@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Characterising mobility diversity using dyadic analysis

Shi Zeng
Email: shi.zeng.15@ucl.ac.uk

Wenlan Zhang
Email: wenlan.zhang.21@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Improving Data Justice for Flood Risk Assessment in Nairobi, Kenya

Huixin Liu
Email: huixin.liu.20@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Simulating Cognition-based Driver Route Choice for Freight

Affiliated students

Efstathia Kostopoulou
Email: efstathia.kostopoulou.10@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Community Memories Documentation and Experience in Localities: The Physical and Digital Interfaces

William Markiewicz
Email: william.markiewicz.21@ucl.ac.uk
Thesis title: Assessing the Sustainability of Digital Twins