The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


London: City Life Captured in a Digital Portrait

14 December 2012

London: A Digital City Portrait

Data collected from CASA's Steven Gray was used to create this Digital City Portrait by artist Brendan Dawes. 

Commissioned by EE to mark the arrival of 4G in the city, Dawes used our twitter data capturing conversations and topics trending across the region over the three day period from 29th – 31st October. 

Each chosen topic and the hundreds of thousands of digital conversations associated with them are represented by a specific colour coded keyword. From the keywords at the bottom of the artwork a series of lines flare out to form a myriad of coloured interlinked circles. The thickness of the lines and the size and brightness of the circles represent the popularity of each topic and the frequency at which people were speaking about them.

The photo above shows the portrait being presented to the CASA team which will be on display in the North Lodge, Gower Street for the next week.  From left to right: Steven Gray, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Brendan Dawes (artist) and Freddie Maisey (EE).