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Professor Michael Batty elected as Fellow of the Geographical Society of China

14 September 2022

Michael Batty is The Bartlett Professor of Planning & Chair of CASA where he was Head of Department between 1995 and 2010.

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Congratulations to Professor Michael Batty CBE FRS FBA who has been elected as a Fellow of the Geographical Society of China (中国地理学会) (http://www.gsc.org.cn/gsc/) for his “pioneering, world-class research on GIS, spatial analysis and planning, in particular his remarkable contribution on promoting the development of GIScience in China”. He has also been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Modeling Geographical Systems Commission (MGSC) of the IGU (International Geographical Union) (www.igu-geomodeling.com/#/Awards).

Professor Batty is Bartlett Professor of Planning, and the first Director/Head of Department of CASA between 1995 and 2010. and has worked on computer models of cities and their visualisation since the 1970s, publishing several books, such as Cities and Complexity (MIT Press, 2005) which won the Alonso Prize of the Regional Science Association in 2011, The New Science of Cities (MIT Press, 2013), and most recently, Inventing Future Cities (MIT Press, 2018). His blogs at www.complexcity.info cover the science underpinning the technology of cities. His posts and lectures on big data and smart cities are at www.spatialcomplexity.info