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Congratulations to Dr Ollie Ballinger on completing PhD

4 November 2022

Ollie joined CASA in 2021 as a Lecturer in Geocomputation and is a quantitative social scientist by training interested in the use of remote sensing and spatial data science to analyse the social world

Ollie Ballinger's PhD Research

Congratulations to Dr Ollie Ballinger on completion of his PhD, titled, 'Uneven Development and Insurgency in Turkey: A Computational Approach'. Ollie studied for his PhD at the University of Oxford in the Department of International Development.

The thesis develops computational techniques to gather, process, and analyze fine-grained data on the war between the Turkish State and the Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK), a Kurdish insurgent group.

Together, substantive findings suggests that development policy is a far more promising avenue for the resolution of the conflict than military policy, while the methodological contributions include the development of forward looking analytical techniques and open source software that enable highly detailed quantitative analysis of civil conflict.