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CASA and CBER Workshop Build Automated Birds Classifier Using A RPi

29 June 2022

CASA Connected Environments Workshop-22-June

On Wednesday 22nd June, CASA and CBER organised a workshop to build an automated birds classifier using a RPi. A very nice mix of people from both schools got together to either dip into the world of Linux and RPi OS or learn more about bird's vocal signature. The workshop was facilitated by using the "BirdNET-Pi" GitHub repository by Patrick and we had the chance to have him join us remotely. Patrick did an amazing job at writing all the code to run the BirdNET Algorithm on a RPi, so everyone can easily install such a device at home! If you are interested to build your own device, the workshop was documented on the CE Workshop Hub. You can follow all the steps over here


We would like to thank both Prof. Kate Jones and Prof. Duncan Wilson for allowing this workshop to happen by providing financial and technical support. Also, a big thank you to Dhruv and Santiago for helping with designing the wooden enclosure and working out the logistics :-). It was great to see people connecting with each other before both the CE Lab and the People and Nature Lab move next to each other in QEOP in September. We look forward to more #Tech and #Ecology co-creation!!