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CASA presents its Annual GISRUK Award to Shunya Kimura

8 April 2022

CASA has presented an award for best paper on spatial analysis annually at GISRUK since 2010 in memory of Sinesio Alves Junior.

Junior Sinesio-Alves

Junior, as he was affectionately known, is a much missed friend who joined CASA in 2001 as a Doctoral Researcher and member of staff. Junior worked as a Research Fellow at CASA on projects such as the ESRC NeXSuS project led by Peter Allen from Cranfield. He later assisted the whole of CASA with his technical expertise as our systems administrator and was returning to Brazil to take a job at INPE when he was unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Junior made a big impact on everyone he met due to his friendly and cheerful nature. He had a great sense of humour and was always smiling and we miss him very much.

Junior Sinesio-Alves 2

It's our great pleasure to present this award annually at GISRUK in memory of Sinesio Alves Junior.


In the picture L-R Andrew Maclachlan, Shunya Kimora (winner), Huanfa Chen

Exploring the spatial disparities in gambling risk and vulnerability 
Shunya Kimura, Paul A. Longley, & Justin van Dijk 

Gambling harm disrupts the health and wellbeing of the individuals, as well as families, communities, and societies around them. Despite the growing recognition that gambling harms are socially and geographically uneven in its occurrence and impacts, there is limited empirical knowledge about the factors underlying the disparities.

Here, we quantitatively profile nationwide gambling survey using series of small area geodemographic data. Results from this granular analysis are synthesized to devise a composite indicator of gambling risk and vulnerability that can be mapped to provide new insights into public health strategies to tackling gambling harms in a more effective manner.

Previous winners of this prestigious GISRUK award have been:

S.M. Labib, Jonny Huck, and Sarah Lindley for "Greenness visibility using viewshed analysis: A pilot study in Manchester" in 2020 held online.

Oluwole Adeniyi for "A Comparative Analysis: Retailers’ locations and socio-economic deprivation" in 2019 held at the University of Newcastle.

Joseph Lewis for "The Suitability of Using Least Cost Path Analysis in the Prediction of Roman Roads in the Highland and Lowland Zones of Roman Britain" in 2018 held at the University of Leicester.

Luis Francisco Mejia Garcia for “Modelling Spatial Behaviour in Music Festivals Using Mobile Generated Data and Machine Learning” (with co-authors Guy Lansley and Ben Calnan) in 2017 held at Manchester University.

Kaisa Lahtinen for "Using Geographically Weighted Regression to Explore Spatial Variation in Survey Behaviour" in 2016 held at the University of Greenwich.

Alexandros Alexiou for "The Role of Geographical Context in Building Geodemographic Classifications" in 2015 held at the University of Leeds.

Sarah Wise for "Agent Based Modelling and GIS: Exploring our New Tools in a Disaster Context" in 2014 held at the University of Glasgow.

Dan Olner, Alison Heppenstall and Gordon Mitchell for "Modelling and visualising the impacts of increasing fuel costs on the UK spatial economy in 2013 held at the University of Liverpool

Suzanne Mavoa, Melody Oliver, Nicola Tavae and Karen Witten for “Using GIS to integrate children’s walking interview data and objectively physical activity data” in 2012 held at Lancaster University.

Heshan Du, Suchith Anand, Mike Jackson, Didier Leibovici, Jeremy Morley and Glen Hart for "Geographical Information Integration from Disparate Sources" in 2011 held at Portsmouth University.

Didier Leibovici, Lucy Bastin, Suchith Anand, Jerry Swan, Gobe Hobona and Mike Jackson for "Spatially Clustered Associations in Health GIS" in 2010 held at UCL.