The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Colouring London featured at New London Architecture International programme

14 February 2019

CASA researcher Polly Hudson presented Colouring London at the New London Architecture event: 'Big data and the design of cities – Chicago and London'.


Polly gave her presentation a few blocks away from CASA at The Building Centre on Store Street in the context of an interdisciplinary discussion about the implications of the collection and dissemination of big data on cities. The event was organised with a view to exploring the following questions:

How is the collecton and dissemination of big data changing how we build and plan cities? How does the collated inofrmation enable collaborative, connected and responsive cities? How do we ensure that this data informs future development and is shared openly with all of those with a stake in that future? How do we address the nervousness around the collection and use of data?

Speakers and organisations in London and Chicago held a live video conference to discuss the issues in the context of their cities.

Polly presented her continuing work on Colouring London, a citizen science platform collecting data on every building in London.

The event was supported by the Mayor of London in association with Chicago Architecture Center.