The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


2018 GISRUK prize awarded to Joseph Lewis

24 April 2018

The CASA prize for best paper on spatial analysis was awarded in memory of Sinesio Alves Junior at GISRUK 2018


Joseph Lewis from Ludlow in Shropshire was the proud recipient of CASA's Best Paper on Spatial Analysis award at GISRUK 2018.  His paper became the overall winner from a small selection after CASA judges attended the shortlisted presentations. 

Joseph's paper, The Suitability of Using Least Cost Path Analysis in the Prediction of Roman Roads in the Highland and Lowland Zones of Roman Britain, stemmed from the work he completed for his MSc Dissertation whilst at the University of Leicester.

He is pictured with Dr Adam Dennett, Deputy Director of CASA, who presented the award in memory of our dear friend and colleague Sinesio Alves Junior.

Presentation of the CASA GISRUK award 2018