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CASA Seminar Series: Clio Andris, Georgia Tech [ONLINE]

02 November 2022, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

This event is free.

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Dr Max Nathan

Social networks are critical structures for understanding the transfer of information, capital, goods, and diseases. Spatial social networks (SSNs) can be defined as social network structures where nodes and edges have a defined geographic location. While GIS analysts often analyze networks of flows, we lack infrastructure and methods for analyzing ‘small’ social networks, including those collected through fieldwork in sociology, criminology, anthropology, organization science, and economic development. Here, I will show some case studies in these domains and describe a broad research framework for embedding SSNs into geographic space. I will also illustrate some new geospatial methods, such as cluster-cluster plots, route factor diagrams, and SSN scan methods, that we can use to answer basic questions about how and why individuals and organizations connect over space.

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About the Speaker

Clio Andris

Associate Professor / Director at Georgia Tech / Friendly Cities Lab

Clio Andris is an associate professor in the School of City and Regional Planning and the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. She directs the Friendly Cities Lab and conducts research on mathematical models of social networks, social flows, and interpersonal relationships, applied to urban planning, visualization, transportation, and geography.


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