The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Extended Relationships Between Spatial Objects | Professor Mike Worboys

24 October 2018, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm

Dome and portico of UCL's main building

Our third CASA seminar of the autumn term will be delivered by Professor Mike Worboys of the University of Greenwich.

This event is free.

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G03 Lecture Theatre
85: 26 Bedford Way
26 Bedford Way
United Kingdom

The basic theory of spatial relations is well-established and enshrined in such qualitative spatial calculi as the region connection calculus (RCC). In this paper, we review the basic concepts and research in this area, spanning at least 30 years. We then go on to consider less well-defined relationships, such as one region engulfing a second, or a region being surrounded by several regions.  Having provided a summary of research on these more complex spatial relations, we go on to describe our latest findings in this area.

About the Speaker

Professor Mike Worboys

Professor of Geospatial Science at University of Greenwich

Mike Worboys has a PhD in mathematics and is professor of spatial informatics in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich. Until the end of 2012 he was director of the School of Computing and Information Science, and a professor in the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) at the University of Maine, USA. He was a member of the Mapping Science Committee of the National Research Council, under the auspices of the US National Academies of Sciences and Engineering, and Institute of Medicine. Mike also holds a higher degree in music composition, having an interest in both instrumental and electroacoustic music. His instrumental music has been performed at the London Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), the National Maritime Museum, other venues around the UK, and the St. Magnus Cathedral, Orkney.