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The Space Syntax Laboratory’s expertise lies in developing robust methods of analysis for studying the built environment as a physical entity.

The Laboratory accomplishes this by uniquely combining the creation of software for spatial network analysis with quantifiable data on observed function and social network analysis, so that metric properties of space can be analysed in relation to social and economic measures.

Space syntax methods can predict the effects of spatial interventions on aspects of social, organisational and economic performance in existing built environments and new urban areas.

Selected publications

Read on for selected publications by researchers in the Space Syntax Lab, and follow the link to their IRIS profiles to see more.

Space and Society in Buildings 

Dr Sam Griffiths

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Dr Kayvan Karimi

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Professor Sophia Psarra

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Dr Kerstin Sailer

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Professor Laura Vaughan

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Architectural Computation, Machine Intelligence and Virtual Reality - Extended Reality in Architecture

Ava Fatah gen Schieck

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Professor Sean Hanna

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Professor Alan Penn

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Dr Tasos Varoudis

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