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Bartlett Summer School

The Summer School courses give a taste of architectural education at The Bartlett and are ideal for 16- to 18-year-olds wanting to work in the creative practices, with two-week and four-week options.

Students display their work at a Bartlett Summer School

About the course

The Bartlett Summer School is an opportunity for 16- to 18-year-olds to explore imaginative thinking, surveying, speculation and construction for the first time, using The Bartlett’s outstanding workshops and facilities.

You'll be joining students from all over the world to produce drawings, objects, models and larger installations, in groups and individually, under the guidance of The Bartlett’s skilled and experienced tutors.

The Bartlett offers two types of Summer School:


A two-week creative and conceptual experience at The Bartlett School of Architecture. This design-based programme gives participants a first taste of studying architecture at UCL, using imaginative thinking, surveying, speculation and construction. The course will finish with a joint one-day presentation of work. A Certificate of Study will be awarded on the day.


This four-week mini-foundation is structured in two parts. The first part (two weeks) is about learning skills and approaches to creative problems. The second part (two weeks) is about personal development and realisation, as well as learning to be aware of the general architectural context of London.

The course will be taught through a series of small group and individual tutorials, finishing with a joint one-day exhibition of work. A private view will give staff, students and their guests a chance to celebrate the work produced during the course. A Certificate of Study will be awarded on the day (this programme is not an accredited course).

This year’s workshops run on different dates during the summer. Approximately 280 students come together from over 20 different countries to work collaboratively in London. The course aims to give an insight into the wide spectrum of working methods and an exploration of the possibilities of new techniques.

Over the past eight years, students have developed and presented projects in different media, such as installation pieces, single drawing, walking models, books and performing apparatus.


Two-week short courses

  • school 1:        03/07/2017-14/07/2017
  • school 2:        10/07/2017-21/07/2017
  • school 3:        17/07/2017-28/07/2017
  • school 4:        24/07/2017-04/08/2017
  • school 5:        31/07/2017-12/08/2017
  • school 6:        08/08/2017-18/08/2017
  • school 7:        14/08/2017-25/08/2017
  • school 8:        21/08/2017-02/09/2017

Cost: £1000 per course (course fee only, accommodation not included)

Four-week extended courses

  • school 1 extended:    03/07/2017-28/07/2017

Cost: £2500 per course (course fee only, accommodation not included)

In addition students can chose a portfolio course after the summer school.
It is not possible to attend the portfolio course prior to the summer school.

Download the application form (PDF)

More information


All applicants must fill in the application form and sign the terms and conditions.

Once you complete the application and make a full payment, you are registered to the programme.  We can’t hold places until we receive full payment. The deadline for payment is 1st June 2017.

  • Fees are not refundable and a £500 administration fee will apply. 
  • A full refund will only be approved with medical certificates.

All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required, and are advised to contact their home embassy early. Only after payment of fees can The Bartlett can provide a letter confirming participation in the workshop.

There will be two means-tested scholarship places available for the entire Summer School programme To apply for a scholarship you must submit a portfolio. Please email us for information.


Summer school 2 weeks     £1000
Summer school 4 weeks     £2500
Portfolio course 1 week       £550

All course fees are for the course only and do not include accommodation, food or transport. The course fee includes basic materials for the course.

To apply, send a completed application form and a completed parental consent form if you’re under 18, your CV, a personal statement of up to 50 words and copies/photographs of up to four of your own drawings.

All applicants must provide a photocopy of their passport.

Terms and conditions

For more details, please email bartlett.shortcourses@ucl.ac.uk