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Stage 1 - Year Out

The Year Out, also known as Stage One, is a period of work experience taken by architecture students after passing Architecture Part 1 and before beginning Part 2.

Advanced Architectural Research PG Cert
About the course 

The Bartlett part-time Year Out course supports ARB/RIBA Part 1 graduates during their first experience of work and contextualises both the architectural profession and the construction industry through a series of recall events. The course also provides a monitoring framework for students to record and analyse their Stage 1 experience on a quarterly basis through the RIBA Professional Education and Development Record (PEDR)

Voted best UK School of Architecture by the UK's largest practices in the 2020 AJ100 survey, The Bartlett provides students with access to outstanding knowledge of UK and international practice, as well as an extensive network of industry contacts.

The Year Out/Stage 1 forms part of the minimum 7 year’s education and experience (including Part 3 Professional Practice and Management), leading to registration as an architect with the ARB and chartered status with the RIBA.

For 2020-21, The Bartlett's Year Out course will be delivered entirely online, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Work experience 

The Year Out is often a student’s first contact with the architectural world and is an opportunity for the student to try working in different kinds of architecture offices in order to reflect on what interests them most and the kind of architect they might want to become in the future.

For their Year Out employment, many students gain experience in architecture offices, but some students work in associated fields, such as an engineer's office or contractor's organisation if under the supervision of a professionally qualified person. Although 12 months is stipulated as the period of the Year Out, some students take more than 12 months and during this period they may continue to engage in the Bartlett’s Year Out course at no extra charge.


Certificates will be awarded following successful completion of one assignment, four PEDR quarterly records, and attendance of the Year Out events. Assigned in July, the essay's topics are based upon themes from the seminars/lectures and provide the opportunity for students to reflect on their experience.


There are four late afternoon/early evening recall events throughout the year. There is an optional mid-September meeting to return essays and sign off any outstanding PEDRs. The recall events include seminars, workshops and lectures by visiting practitioners, as well as showcase by current Part 2 tutors and students. The events are chaired by the Bartlett Professional Studies Advisor and allow students to discuss their current practical experience with reference to lecture themes and examples from office experience. Each event is followed by an informal catch-up and networking session.

There are themed lectures and seminars given by practising architects, based on live case studies. Previous talks have covered themes such as: professionalism and ethics, the office and the studio, the architect as entrepreneur, property development for architects, the changing role of the architect, life after Brexit, and working internationally. 

Students will have one-to-one tutorials at The Bartlett with the Professional Studies Advisor to review their progress.

Professional Studies Advisor

The monitoring of practical experience is a three-way dialogue between the student, the Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) and the practice (via the practice supervisor/mentor). The PSA works with employers and students to ensure the best possible professional development of the students.

The PSA is the first point of contact for the students and is responsible for signing off the PEDR sheets, confirming the range and quality of experience gained for the purposes of professional registration. The PSA also provides support to international students and is able to advise on employment, CVs, portfolio presentations and interview techniques.

How to apply

The course is open to Part 1 graduates from all universities, and early enrolment is strongly advised. Course fees are paid when employment is secured but students who are not yet employed can register for free after graduation in order to attend the recall events and get support and advice. 

To register, please fill in the application form and pay the accompanying fee below.

Once registered with a school of architecture, candidates will also need to register with the RIBA to complete their PEDRs.

Applicants should note that the Bartlett Year Out course is a professional, not an academic course, and does not confer UCL student status.


Once employment has been secured, the Stage 1 2020-21 fee of £300 can be paid via the UCL online store


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